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About Robert Wilkos

Robert Wilkos

Robert Wilkos, the founder of, is a prominent figure in the private aviation industry, known for his innovative approach and dedication to luxury air travel. His journey in the aviation sector is marked by a series of groundbreaking initiatives and a commitment to exceptional service., under his leadership, has become a benchmark for safety, comfort, and efficiency, offering a fleet of over 10,000 aircraft worldwide.

Expanding his influence beyond the realm of business, Robert established the Robert Wilkos Aviation Scholarship. This scholarship program is a $1000 grant designed to support aspiring US-based students in the field of aviation. It is a testament to his passion for education and his desire to contribute to the development of future aviation professionals. The scholarship encourages students to pursue their dreams in the aviation field, reflecting Robert’s belief in the power of education to open doors and create opportunities.

Throughout his career, Robert has been an advocate for safety and innovation in aviation. His work at showcases his ability to merge the luxury of private travel with the highest standards of safety and customer satisfaction. The Robert Wilkos Aviation Scholarship extends this vision by investing in the education of young minds passionate about aviation, ensuring the industry’s continuous growth and evolution.

Robert’s biography is not only about his achievements as a business leader but also about his role as a mentor and supporter of educational initiatives. His legacy in the aviation industry is defined by both the success of and his impactful contribution to nurturing the next generation of aviation experts through the Robert Wilkos Aviation Scholarship.